Say Goodbye to ATM surcharges.

Withdrawing cash from another financial institution’s ATM is sometimes unavoidable and usually accompanied by a dreaded surcharge fee. The surcharges vary, but the frustration of getting ‘dinged’ remains the same. That is, unless you belong to a credit union. Canadian credit union members can access up to 5,225 ding free® ATMs across the country, an ATM network that is bigger than most big banks, and it’s surcharge-free.

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What’s a ding free® ATM anyway?

A ‘ding free’ ATM can be accessed by Canadian credit union members free-of-charge for withdrawals, deposits, and balance inquiries. Members can access thousands of surcharge-free ATMs across Canada.

ATM surcharges are not the same as transaction or account fees which would appear on a member’s monthly statement – i.e. when a member exceeds the limits of a package account that comes with a fixed amount of free transactions per month.

To find the nearest ding-free ATM, download our free ATM locator app.

Download the free ATM locator app to find surcharge-free ATMs near you.